Serafim Florea

Serafim vividly represents the New Generations.
The present problematic unbalanced state of the world motivates him to engage in major transformations via social enterprises and charities in different countries.
As a legal executive, but also as a Universal Peace Ambassador and Vedic astrologer, he cares and addresses people’s needs with a practical and professional therapy wherever they are struck. Speaking 5 languages and excellent Romanian, Russian and English, his operations stream naturally as humanistic intentions-in-action. The first results in 2009, were the formation of a Diaspora Federation and the Pro-Diaspora Magazine for migrants. He also chaired the Refugees &Arts Initiative founded in 1999 by the London Arts Council, and often serves as an advisor to other foundations and enterprises.   
Vedic Science, Christian Faith and Ecology motivates Serafim to promote Spiritual Unity in a very independent way. He embraces a humble human life and with his angelic name connections prays closest to the Lord of Hosts and the Omnipresent God-Mind-Spirit of Love and Life.  


Janos Abel

Resident printer and electronic data designer, Janos is now a selective networker in cyberspace and a practical philosopher at Occupy worldwide movement.
   Deep thinker in lessons from the history of life and of the human species. Determined to develop and apply non-violent psychological approaches in conflict situations (including refusal to "demonise enemies" however vile; but, at the same time, clearly challenging the social "sins" being perpetrated).
Initiator of the AstroTeams project as a group methodology for effective collaborative effort to pave the way to an evolutionary leap in social and cultural viability.


Carl Shapley

Companion to scholars, scientists and musicians of the highest repute,                         
Hon. Dr. Carl Shapley was the Chancellor of the New World Educational Foundation,
a recognised Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Global Peace Ambassador and a President for SAMSAD.  He is also renown as the founding educator of Shapley Schools International and as a certified class-taught healer of the Christian Science Mother Church.  
      To bring ontologically into Consciousness how Science and Spirituality work together, his present mission designates him as a Custodian and Philanthropist for the rich future of Divine Service in the approaching Golden Age. His interactions with the Gurus and Heads of States, in India, Korea, Egypt and Europe are focused to bestowing the legacies of his predecessors, now Ascended Masters.


Virginia Sanpetru

Ten years as an experienced teacher of physical education and over twenty years as a dedicated physiotherapist, Virginia has become world famous and respected for her counselling and healing abilities.
Pioneer and promoter of "Inforenergetics", a healing and multidimensional science of Romanian origin, Virginia received many recognitions from both the founder of The Foundation of Inforenergetics St. Apostle Andrew, Commander Claudian Dumitriu and other reputable healers world-wide.


Mira Bucur-Bar

Theatrical writer, visual artist, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, teacher of Kabbalistic Spirituality and thought.
Mira is a most motivating and inspirational free thinker and multi-skilled therapist with a life-long experience and an extraordinary Venetian character.
She developed a special technique using practical spirituality in advancing inter-human relationships and is author to Equilibrium of Light.


Maria Florea

Professor of French language and literature and scholar of Latin Languages. Maria has dedicated over 50 years to teaching Communication and Culture but also advancing many generations of students into the University of Life. She has received many awards and remains a most beloved teacher.
She also serves as adviser to local and international organisations like Bailamos and Amis sans Frontières.