Culture, civilisation, the quality of private and social life, the values we embrace, all this is expressed in practical ways through the institutions we build in society. What happens when institutions cease to be representative, fail to serve the needs of people, refuse to adapt and transform.

   Our seminaries offer training for holistic team-building and decision-making to groups and institutions considerate of its members/clients and in general the people and the environment locally and globally. The values we draw are creativity, experience and development.

Creativity as a self-chosen activity of self-expression is a vital channel for personal and social realisation.

Experience is the mother of education and we give respect for the intrinsic worth of each individual learner and the validity of their own life experience.

Development is the purpose of holistic education at all levels physical, emotional and mental, aiming to integrate them in the context of the Spiritual Whole that is all life.

The challenge to people of goodwill is to perceive the opportunities in the crisis facing humankind.
A prerequisite for meeting this challenge is the transforming, consciously, of goodwill into actions.
The world is undergoing a Mega-crisis of resource shortage, overpopulation, pollution, alienation and crime, confusion, fear of the future, disconnection with the past. However, all these problems may herald catastrophes or, through the common effort to dissolve them, can lead to a glorious new future.

We invite you to explore in our seminaries the opportunities for a better world.

The seminaries take the form of round tables aiming to convey a collaborative and friendly approach to learning. The method can be study/research/discussion centring on specific aims or subjects. Our focus is to train the mind to see fields of knowledge as integral parts of one interrelated whole. The aim is to come together to form a common vision and then move out in the specific area of action while maintaining a co-operative approach.