The internet, with its ability to interconnect individuals and form global problem-solving communities, is a powerful tool for Quantum Shift of Consciousness.
With the press of a button we can visit, join, or participate in activities anywhere in the world.
Please contact us to give impetus and connect with our projects locally in your country.

Corporate Responsibility, Citizens Basic Income, 1% Taxation,
Community Organization, Professional Unions and Forums,
Debt Free Monetary Systems, Wealth Sharing Systems,
Inter-dimensional Communication, Ageless Wisdom,
Holistic Analysis and Planning, Economic Modelling,
Clean&Renewable Energy, Sustainable Technology,
Eco-systems, Green Cities, Organic Farming,
Encyclopedic and Home Education,
Arts of Vision, Cultural Diversity,
Educative Mass-media,
Holistic Medicine,
Natural Birthing,
Peace Building,